Content Smorgasbord 2 – More Top Examples of ‘Snackable’ Content [Infographic]

People’s attention spans are dropping – so ensure your content is snackable or risk being ignored by consumers.

Long-form content is falling on deaf ears. Well, blind eyes. Out of 2 billion visits across the web 55% of people spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page.

Content is still king…… But ‘visual content’ is taking over!

Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and WhatsApp are recruiting millennials with visual and short form content sharing.

Twitter recently made its interface more visual.

More and more online content is now consumed on mobile phones – small screens lend themselves to snackable content.

So what should content marketers do?

Make your content suitable for modern viewers, not readers.


If you have video-based messaging you want to aim at a more discerning audience, then Vimeo is the right channel for you. 5 billion videos were streamed on Vimeo in 2013 alone. Blue-chip companies including BMW and Honda are using Vimeo to offer their customers upmarket, targeted videos.

Social Stars Rising

Social media doesn’t start with Facebook and end with Pinterest – smart marketers know they need to monitor emerging platforms. Try these recently launched platforms to see if your snackable content could be the right fit:

We Heart It – Think Pinterest – but for a young audience (25 million so far).

Secret – Users share their thoughts and comments anonymously.

StoryGraphics……. Infographic + Story = StoryGraphic

“A standalone image-based timeline that recounts a story, with rich media integrated.”

Taking a potentially long-form piece and breaking it down into ‘bite-sized’ elements that readers can snack on – instead of being confronted by a large block of ‘click away’ baiting text.


While some critics loath BuzzFeed, its quizzes have been the runaway success story of 2014. For example: On Facebook, BuzzFeed’s question: “How would you die in Game of Thrones?” generated:

85,927 Likes, 77,756 Shares, 102,387 Comments, 266,070 Total Engagement Points and over

1,000,000 views. The Lesson here is clearly  ask the right question and your marketing message could go viral.


Consumer attention spans are plummeting so your content needs to be short, sharp and engaging.

Don’t just rely on the established snackable social media outlets; look for new platforms.

Make your content fit the channel; a simple question-based angle can pay dividends.

Use third party content managers to help organise and keep track of content across all your channels.

Discover how to make your marketing messaging pop with Oracle Marketing Cloud’s free eGuide: Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Content Marketing.

You can also see version 1 of Content Smorgasbord here.

Content Smorgasbord 2: More Top Examples of ‘Snackable’ Content [Infographic]

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‘Tis the Season – 2014 Holiday Email Marketing Tips [Infographic]

With the holiday season that has just arrived, you must be geared up to utilize holiday email marketing effectively and in full throttle.

Well, to help you do so successfully and raise your festive spirit, the team at Email Monks has come up with an interesting infographic on “Holiday Email Marketing” depicting better holiday email marketing tips, holiday calendar for 2014, marketers’ expectations from this holiday season and so much more.

'Tis the Season - 2014 Holiday Email Marketing Tips [Infographic]

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Content Promotion Strategy Decision Tree [Infographic]

This infographic from Digital Relevance shows how to find your ideal content promotion strategy using this content promotion strategy decision tree.
Content Promotion Strategy Decision Tree [Infographic]

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